I was lucky enough to try out a Bonebox at a recent prerelease event, and I loved keeping all my sleeves, cards and dice in one place. Being able to flip it closed and toss it in my bag without the fuss of a separate bag for dice and my other cards was frankly a refreshing experience.

Ben Z., Pittsburgh, PA

The Bonebox is the perfect storage for my unnecessarily blinged out deck. The only way it could be better is if it came in a full art holo variant.

David K., Pittsburgh, PA

Sleek design, quality build. Honestly it just feels nice to play with, what else can I say?

Zach S., Pittsburgh, PA

It's great that the accessory tray is strong enough to stay closed when getting tossed around, but still accessible enough to grab what I need quickly during a match. Even with my metal dice and tokens, the lid stays secure, and that's no small feat.

Corey R., Pittsburgh, PA